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Master in Business Administration is the course that is key to be a successful leader in the corporate world. Students across the world enroll for this comprehensive course to gain acumen in leadership, finance, business management, and team skills. This course opens up doors to the best and highly paid jobs in the corporate sector.

You may wonder if taking up BBA is a good idea at the undergraduate level. “Should I pursue BBA and then enroll for MBA Colleges or should I pursue any other subject to get into MBA?” is an often asked question. Studies have revealed that students who have done BBA before MBA are much better off than others. Here are 5 reasons which will tell you how a degree in BBA will help you in pursuing MBA successfully:
  1. Lay a Solid Foundation: 

    It’s always safe to take baby steps in life and climbing the ladder from the bottom rung is the best way to succeed. Likewise, if an MBA is your ultimate goal, chartering your studies via BBA will help you get practical knowledge about the course curriculum and all that would be needed to succeed in an MBA. A rock-solid foundation will be laid in BBA for the next goal-MBA.
    With internship opportunities and various projects at BBA, your skillset and knowledge will be enhanced. 
  2. Strengthen Core Knowledge: 

    The teaching pedagogy at Punjab’s best MBA institute SOIS strongly recommends enhancing the core know-how and knowledge of all the subjects of MBA through BBA. You will learn the dynamics and practical approach to the tactics of the fields of business and economics.
    At BBA level you will understand your core subjects as well as adopt a versatile approach to the dynamic domestic and international business scenarios.
  3. Exemplify Experience: 

    You will get hands-on experience in the core subjects and working in real situations as you sail through BBA. You will gain an insight into the industry-centric challenges. Before you learn how to swim, testing the depth of water is quintessential. Similarly, BBA will exemplify your practical and theoretical experience before you enter the threshold of an MBA.
  4. Encourage a new Approach: 

    You may be well-enticed into beginning a start-up of your own as you get ideas and solutions to the problems the economy and the people face. Isn’t it a wonderful idea to build the basis of your start-up as you further hone your managerial and business skills with an MBA? BBA will definitely get the seeds of ideas cracking which will lay a strong basis for your future endeavors.
    You will know and understand the intricacies and the problems that come in setting a functional start-up and further studying MBA can provide you a practical solution to all the dilemmas.
  5. Choose your Specialization Wisely: 

    BBA gives you an idea about the dynamic subjects that you will be dealing with an MBA. You may or may not be a commerce student and as you pursue BBA, you will get a fair idea of your inclination. Choosing a major or choosing a subject that you want to specialize in will be managed systematically at the BBA level.
    Choosing amidst finance, HR, marketing, MIS or operations management may be an intriguing task. However even you understand your bent of mind at the undergraduate level, you will spend the post-graduate years wisely mastering your areas of interest.

Key Take-Away:

BBA Admission is a curriculum that gives you a bird’s eye view of what will follow in MBA. SOIS, Mohali is the best MBA institute offering a dual program to its students and for any career guidance, you must get in touch with SOIS. They also recommend getting admission to BBA before seeking an MBA and understand your inclinations.
“The way to corporate leadership is paved, all you have to do is pedal through BBA and hone your talents,” says the director of SOIS.